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Tag: North Dakota
  • April

    Continuing Authorities Program 14: Sheldon Road Bridge

    This project formulates a plan to stabilize the river bank adjacent to Sheldon Road in order to protect the bridge from eroding into the Sheyenne River. This project is located where Sheldon Road crosses over the Sheyenne River approximately 4.75 miles south of Sheldon, North Dakota.
  • September

    Planning Assistance to States (PAS): Souris Basin Study

    Unprecedented flooding in the Souris River Basin in 2011 has focused attention on review of the water control structure operating plan during flood events. This study area will include the entire Souris River Basin to its confluence with the Assiniboine River and will encompass the key water control reservoirs: Rafferty, Alameda, Boundary and Lake Darling. The study will look at the geographical limits of the basin in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba and the state of North Dakota.
  • March

    Flood Plain Management Services: North Dakota

    The Flood Plain Management Services program is authorized by Section 206 of the 1960 Flood Control Act, Public Law 86-645, as amended. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers developed the Flood Plain Management Services program specifically to address the needs of people who live and work in floodplain. This is a program to educate these individuals on flood hazards, and the actions they can take to reduce property damage and prevent the loss of life. The program’s objective is to foster public understanding of the options for dealing with flood hazards and to promote prudent use and management of the Nation’s floodplains.
  • February

    Flood Control Sites (ND): Lake Ashtabula, Homme Lake, Souris River

    Homme and Ashtabula are multiple-purpose sites with flood risk management, recreation and environmental stewardship business functions. Souris River Project is used for flood control and mitigation activities. Project locations: Homme Lake, two miles west of Park River, North Dakota, on the South Branch of the Park River; Lake Ashtabula (Baldhill Dam), 12 miles northwest of Valley City, North Dakota, on the Sheyenne River; Lake Darling, operated by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, approximately 20 miles northwest and J. Clark Salyer Wildlife Refuge, is 65 miles northeast of Minot, North Dakota.