Continuing Authorities Program projects

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration: Section 1135, Lower Otter Tail River, Wilkin County, Minnesota

The purpose of the project is to reestablish the river to a more natural condition, stabilize and improve river channelization, and restore riverine and riparian habitat.
Published: 9/12/2016

Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration: Section 206, Painter Creek, Hennepin County, Minnesota

Painter Creek is part of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD), which includes part of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its western and northwestern suburbs. The Painter Creek Subwatershed is 8,667 acres (13.5 square miles) located along the northwestern boundary of the MCWD and includes Painter Creek, Katrina Lake, Thies Lake, large areas of undisturbed or low-density development (including Baker Park Reserve) and numerous wetlands. The project area consists of wetlands connected by Painter Creek flowing through South Katrina Marsh and Painters Marsh, then into Jennings Bay on Lake Minnetonka.
Published: 3/14/2016

Beneficial Use of Dredged Material: Section 1122, Upper Pool 4 – Lake Pepin, Bay City, Wisconsin

This project utilizes dredged material generated from navigation channel to protect and restore backwater habitat; this is a win-win project for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, our partner agencies, and the environment. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is the non-federal sponsor.
Published: 4/3/2024

Continuing Authorities Program 14: Sheldon Road Bridge

The purpose of this project is to formulate a plan to stabilize the river bank adjacent to Sheldon Road in order to protect the bridge from eroding into the Sheyenne River.
Published: 4/3/2024

Continuing Authorities Program: Streambank Protection – Section 14, County Road 50, Crow River, Hennepin County, Minnesota

Repair an eroding highway embankment along the Crow River. The study area is located in a rural setting in western Hennepin County, Minnesota, approximately 40 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Crow River, a tributary to the Mississippi River, experienced erosion on a reach north of the city of Delano, Minnesota, where the natural course of the river follows a sharp turn adjacent to County Road 50.
Published: 2/26/2015

Flood Risk Management: Section 205, Minnesota River, Montevideo, Minnesota

The Flood Risk Management program minimizes flood damages and disruptions caused by recurring flooding of the Minnesota and Chippewa rivers. Montevideo is located in Chippewa County in western Minnesota, approximately 130 miles west of St. Paul, Minnesota. The city is at the confluence of the Chippewa and Minnesota rivers and is subject to flooding from both rivers.
Published: 4/3/2024

Flood Risk Management: Section 205, Trempealeau River, Arcadia, Wisconsin

Reduce the risk of damages due to flooding in the city of Arcadia, Wisconsin. Arcadia is located in Trempealeau County in west-central Wisconsin, approximately 130 miles southeast of St. Paul, Minnesota. The city is located on the Trempealeau River, with Turton Creek and Meyers Valley Creek flowing into the Trempealeau River on the east and west sides of the city.
Published: 2/26/2015

Pigs Eye Islands CAP 204 Beneficial Use of Dredge Material, St. Paul, Minnesota

Pigs Eye Lake is located in Ramsey County, just east of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, in upper Pool 2 of the Mississippi River. Due to the lake’s close proximity to the Mississippi River, the lake water level is controlled by the level of the river. The lake is located in the Mississippi River Bottomlands Subwatershed.
Published: 4/3/2024