Regional Planning Division North

The Regional Planning and Environment Division North is responsible for working with our sponsors and stakeholders to identify water, land and related resource problems, needs and opportunities, develop alternatives and recommend implementable solutions that are engineeringly, economically and environmentally sound.  We are responsible for plan formulation, economics, environmental compliance, environmental stewardship and GIS support for all work in the St. Louis, Rock Island and St. Paul districts.

The division:

  • Is responsible for all planning assignments and serves as subject matter experts for Civil Works planning and policy matters.
  • Prepares planning documents including reconnaissance reports, feasibility reports, re-evaluation reports, rehabilitation reports, environmental impact statements and environmental assessments.
  • Is responsible for insuring compliance with environmental and cultural regulations including the National Environmental Policy Act, or NEPA, the National Historic Preservation Act and the Endangered Species Act.


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
St. Paul District
Regional Planning Division North

332 Minnesota St., Suite E1500
St. Paul, MN 55101
(651) 290-5284

St. Paul Plan Formulation
& Economics Branch

(651) 290-5594

St. Paul Environmental
& GIS Branch

(651) 290-5264

Other regional planning offices

Rock Island Plan Formulation Branch
(309) 794-5227

Rock Island Environmental
& Economics Branch

(309) 794-5349

St. Louis Planning
& Environmental Branch

(314) 331-8462