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The St. Paul District is where the "Mighty Mississippi River" starts its long journey through the middle of the United States of America to the Gulf of Mexico. The district covers an area of approximately 139,000 square miles. The district borders follow the edges of four river basins – Mississippi River, Red River of the North, Souris River and Rainy River. The latter three basins drain north into Hudson's Bay. The district shares about 500 miles of border with three Canadian provinces. This area includes most of Minnesota, the western half of Wisconsin, the northeastern half of North Dakota and small portions of South Dakota and northern Iowa.

The St. Paul District office headquarters is located in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The agency employs around 700 people located at 41 field sites in five states. The St. Paul District is one of six Corps districts that make up the Mississippi Valley Division, the headquarters of which is located in Vicksburg, Mississippi.



The St. Paul District is responsible for:

  • supporting inland navigation by operating 13 locks and dams and by maintaining the Mississippi River  9-foot Navigation Channel;
  • helping local communities reduce damages caused by flooding;
  • issuing permits for work in wetlands and navigable rivers;
  • environmental restoration programs to improve fish and wildlife habitat;
  • emergency response operations following natural disasters; and
  • recreation activities at Corps OF Engineers facilities and reservoirs including campgrounds, day-use areas, boat ramps and swimming beaches.

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