Lac qui Parle

If you are looking for a quiet place away from the city, this is the perfect place. Lac qui Parle is located on the Upper Minnesota River in western Minnesota near the South Dakota border. Minneapolis, the nearest major metropolitan area, is 120 miles away.

For all fishers, Lac qui Parle is known as the best walleye fishing place in Western Minnesota because the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources annually stocks the lake with walleye. There is also catfish, bluegill, small mouth bass and northern pike.

Boating, picnic areas, rest rooms, hiking trails and playgrounds are available. There are a total of 19 boat accesses (including canoe portages).
It is also a great place to view wildlife. The Prairie Pot Hole Region is made of many small wetlands which can feed and shelter wildlife all year long. A flock of white pelican, rare to this part of the country, uses it as breeding grounds.

Hunting is also allowed. There are Canadian geese, mallard ducks, ring-necked pheasants, Hungarian partridge and the white-tailed deer in which you are able to hunt. Be sure to check with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for restrictions and regulations regarding public hunting.

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Dam Specifications

Lac Qui Parle Dam
Length -- 4,100 feet
Height -- 32 feet
Outlet -- 12' to 17' bays -- 4 gated

Marsh Lake Dam
Length -- 11,800 feet
Height -- 19.5 feet
Outlet -- 112' fix crest weir with 2' x 2' gated conduit

Highway 75 Dam
Length -- 16,250 feet
Height -- 23 feet
Outlet -- 65' bascule leaf gate

Chippewa Diversion
Outlet 1 - 8' tainter gate and 4 - 27' fixed crest bays, Low Flow 4' x 4' gated conduit.


Lac qui Parle Flood Control and Water Conservation Project was authorized by Congress in 1936 and was partially constructed as a W.P.A. project. The Corps completed construction of their portion of the project from 1941-1951. Operation of the project was transferred from the state of Minnesota to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1950.

It consists of the Lac qui Parle Dam, Marsh Lake dam, Highway 75 dam and the Watson Sag Weir and diversion channel on the Chippewa River.

La qui Parle dam

Lac Qui Parle Dam



U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Lac Qui Parle Lake
9055 1 ST Street West
P.O. Box 177
Watson, MN 56295-0177
Phone: (320) 269-6303



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