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Mississippi River Locks and Dams 2–10 Embankment Rehabilitation Adjacent to Structures

Published Feb. 26, 2015
Updated: April 16, 2020

Embankment rehabilitation will address restoring embankments to meet current design standards. Overtopping protection adjacent to concrete structures is the first priority for design and construction. No increase in the height of the embankments is planned.


Upper Mississippi Locks and Dams 2 through 10.


Earthfill embankments are integral to each of the Mississippi River Locks and Dams 2 through 10. The existing rock protection is past its intended design life and does not perform satisfactorily. Wave action from high water causes continued widespread erosion. The purpose of this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project is to reestablish and armor degraded embankments to prevent further erosion and potential failure during high water events.


Phase 1 construction work for embankments adjacent to structures at Lock and Dam 5A was completed in fiscal year 2017. A construction contract for Phase 2 of construction at Lock and Dam 4 was awarded in fiscal year 2018 for $893,000. Construction work was completed in fall 2019.

Remaining embankment work is estimated to cost approximately $500,000 for the Phase 2 of Lock and Dam 5A project. It will consist of protecting the Minnesota side of the spillway at Lock and Dam 5A, and it will be scheduled when funding is available. This project will mark the end of all lock and dam embankment repair at structure projects.


The Upper Mississippi River 9-Foot Channel Navigation Project was authorized as part of the River and Harbor Act approved July 3, 1930.


Embankment rehabilitation work at the locks and dams is completed with 100 percent federal funds.

FY 2019:
No funds expended.

FY 2020:
No funds anticipated to be spent.