Tag: Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration
  • September

    Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration: Section 1135, Lower Otter Tail River, Wilkin County, Minnesota

    The project is located in west-central Minnesota along an 11.4 mile stretch of channelized river. Breckenridge, Minnesota, is approximately 8.5 miles downstream of the project area and is the nearest town. The Lower Otter Tail River Channel Improvement Project was constructed in the 1950s to provide protection against the 10-year flood by clearing, enlarging, and straightening the existing river channel. The project reduced the length of the river in this reach from 18 miles to 11 miles. The straightened channel is now characterized by unstable banks, headcutting, excessive sediment loading, degraded in-stream and riparian habitats, and turbidity levels exceeding standard for aquatic life.
  • April

    CAP 206 Kinnickinnic River Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration

    There are currently two dams on the Kinnickinnic River in River Falls, Wisconsin. The Kinnickinnic River is a class 1 trout stream and the river section along River Falls is highly degraded because of impoundments. The removal of the Powell Falls Dam, and possibly Junction Falls Dam present a unique opportunity to restore the river to its natural setting.