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Tag: Continuing Authorities Program
  • September

    Continuing Authorities Program: Beneficial Use of Dredged Material, Section 204, Upper Pool 4 – Lake Pepin

    Lake Pepin extends about 22 miles in length from the delta of the Chippewa River to approximately River Mile 787 which is about 3 miles downstream of Red Wing, Minnesota. Upper Lake Pepin consists of channel border islands and backwater lakes grading into an expansive, shallow open water area with little physical structure. Sedimentation and sediment resuspension have caused a loss in water depth diversity of the backwater lakes and isolated wetlands above Lake Pepin as well as a loss in aquatic vegetation.
  • March

    Continuing Authorities Program: Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration – Section 206, Painter Creek

    Painter Creek is part of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, which includes part of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and its western and northwestern suburbs. The Painter Creek Watershed has been extensively drained and ditched as a result of increasing demand for agriculture. This caused a loss of wetland and riparian habitat and increased sediment and nutrient loads downstream into Jennings Bay on Lake Minnetonka. Due to the presence of the ditch system, the frequency of which the wetlands are inundated from stream flows has decreased benefits to the habitat and water quality.
  • February

    Continuing Authorities Program: Flood Risk Management: Section 205, Red River of the North, Wahpeton, North Dakota

    Wahpeton is in Richland County in eastern North Dakota, approximately 55 miles south of Fargo, North Dakota. The Red River of the North and the Bois de Sioux River border the city on the east. The confluence of the Otter Tail River with the Red River of the North is located at Wahpeton. The city of Breckenridge, Minnesota, lies east across the Red River of the North from Wahpeton.
  • Continuing Authorities Program: Beneficial Use of Dredge Material – Section 204, Pig's Eye Lake

    Pigs Eye Lake is located in Ramsey County, just east of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Pigs Eye Lake is located in upper Pool 2 of the Mississippi River. Due to the lake’s close proximity to the Mississippi River, water level is controlled by the level of the river. The lake is located in the Mississippi River Bottomlands subwatershed.
  • Continuing Authorities Program: Flood Risk Management – Section 205, Minnesota River, Montevideo, Minnesota

    Montevideo is located in Chippewa County in western Minnesota, approximately 130 miles west of St. Paul, Minnesota. The city is at the confluence of the Chippewa and Minnesota Rivers. The area is subject to flooding from both rivers. The three areas that are affected include the 1969 levee area, the Smith Addition and the U.S. Highway 212 area.