Tag: Lock and Dam 6
  • September

    Mississippi River: Lock and Dam 6 Winter Maintenance; Alma, Wisconsin

    Purpose of this project is to assure proper periodic maintenance and subsequent operation of the Lock and Dam systems. Lock and Dam 6 is located near the community of Trempealeau, Wisconsin. The Corps of Engineers completed the facility in 1936 as part of the overall 9-foot channel project.
  • March

    Navigation: Mississippi River End Cells

    The purpose of this project is to extend the longevity of the guidewalls at each of our locks and dams and to reduce operability issues and required maintenance. An end cell would provide adequate protection of the end monolith along the guidewalls, while the past crib grouting component will add stability. Lock and Dams 2 through 10, which are located from Hastings, Minnesota, to Guttenberg, Iowa.