Chippewa Diversion Repairs; Watson, Minnesota

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District
Published April 12, 2024
Updated: April 12, 2024


The Chippewa Diversion structure redirect flows from the Chippewa River to the Minnesota River to controlled via the Lac qui Parle embankment dam. The structure includes one Tainter gate and a low flow culvert with sluice gate. The site also includes a low channel. Maintenance is required one the Tainter gate, concrete gate structure, electrical components and low flow channel.


The Chippewa Diversion structure is located on the Chippewa River in Watson, Minnesota, approximately 4 miles east of the Lac qui Parle Dam.


The Chippewa Diversion requires routine maintenance activities that include sandblasting and painting of the Tainter gate, concrete repairs to the diversion structure, electrical repairs and upgrades, and excavation of accumulated sediment in the low flow channel.


The St. Paul District is currently preparing the plans and specifications for the repair activities, with expected completion in fall 2024. Subsequentially, we plan to solicit for construction in fiscal year 2025 pending the district receiving necessary funds to complete the project.


The dam is part of the Lac qui Parle Project authorized by the Flood Control Act of 1936 (Public Law 74‒738).


This is a 100% federally funded project. The St. Paul District received $1.35 million from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law in fiscal year 2022. An additional $2.9 million will be required to award construction contracts for all four maintenance activities.