Public Notices - Minnesota and Wisconsin

Archive: 2023
  • 2015-00961-LSP (Polk County, MN) Polk County Landfill Expansion Project

    Expiration date: 10/27/2023

    PUBLIC NOTICE: APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO discharge fill into 5.59 acres of wetlands adjacent to the Gentilly River for the purpose of expanding a landfill. Polk County owns a 360-acre parcel northeast of the city of Crookston, a portion of which has been permitted for use as a landfill since 1974. The landfill is part of a seven-county integrated solid waste management system and currently accepts waste material from the following counties: Polk, Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard, Mahnomen, Norman and Becker. The Corps of Engineers issued a public notice for a previous proposal to expand the landfill into approximately 19.16 acres of wetlands in December of 2018. Subsequent discussion with the applicant resulted in a revised plan that would involve a discharge of fill material into approximately 5.59 acres.

  • 2021-01169-RJH (Brown County, WI) Brown County Port & Resource Recovery Project

    Expiration date: 10/21/2023

    PUBLIC NOTICE: APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO permanently discharge fill material into 2.02 acres of wetlands and 10.93 acres of Lake Michigan/Green Bay. The project also includes dredging from 8.34 acres of the Fox River (Section 10 water). The applicant proposes to construct and operate a new multi-use bulk cargo Port facility with direct access to the federal navigation channel, defined as the Green Bay Harbor.

  • 2023-00119-JMB (Ashland County, WI) Bad River Health and Wellness Center Expansion Project

    Expiration date: 10/6/2023

    PUBLIC NOTICE: The project involves expansion of the existing Bad River Health and Wellness Center. The proposed building includes additional space added to the behavioral health, optical, dental, and therapy departments. The project also includes creation of a multi-use facility with basketball courts and a raised walking path around the perimeter, locker rooms, and a swimming pool building. The existing north parking lot and paved access road would be removed in favor of a pervious access area that will provide better maintenance and fire protection.

  • 2008-00163-ACM (Anoka County, MN) Rum River/City of Anoka Project

    Expiration date: 9/30/2023

    LETTER OF PERMISSION: The project would result in the excavation of 3,750 linear feet (162,257 square feet) of sediment from the Rum River to excavate the channel to historic navigation depths and conditions. The dredging operations being proposed would be either mechanical dredging by backhoe or hydraulic dredge by a suction method. The excavated material will be hauled offsite and disposed of in uplands.

  • 2022-01206-ACM (Scott County, MN) Scott County Transportation Project

    Expiration date: 10/18/2023

    PUBLIC NOTICE: APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO discharge fill material into 7.31 acres of wetlands adjacent to the Minnesota River for the proposed interchange construction at the Trunk Highway (TH) 169 and County States Aid Highway (CSAH) intersection. The applicant proposes to replace the existing unsignalized, at grade, intersection at TH 169 and CSAH 59 with a grade-separated folded diamond interchange and remove commercial access from TH 169. Frontage roads will provide access to residences and commercial properties within the area.

  • 2021-00115-SSC (Kandiyohi County, MN) Lake Lillian Wetland Mitigation Bank

    Expiration date: 9/30/2023

    PUBLIC NOTICE: The sponsor is proposing to develop the Lake Lillian Wetland Bank. The proposed bank site is approximately 27.5 acres in size, including upland buffer areas. This proposal was previously put on Public Notice, issued April 12, 2021, and is being re-noticed due to the changes that occurred within the engineering and design of the proposal. The goal of the sponsor is to restore wetland hydrology in order to reestablish a self-sustaining and high functioning wet meadow/sedge meadow hydrophytic vegetative communities consisting of native species within the 27.5-acre bank site.

  • 2022-00476-MVM (Swift County, MN) Anderson Wetland Mitigation Bank

    Expiration date: 10/6/2023

    PUBLIC NOTICE: The sponsor is proposing to develop the Anderson (Swift County) Wetland Bank. The proposed bank site is approximately 116 acres in size, including upland buffer areas. The objectives of the project are to restore wetlands and native prairie upland, improve water quality in a watershed degraded by agricultural drainage and provide both terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat and habitat connectivity in a predominantly agricultural landscape.

  • 2014-04156-RJH (Winnebago County, WI) Switchgear Power Systems LLC Facility Expansion Project

    Expiration date: 10/5/2023

    PUBLIC NOTICE: The applicant has submitted a request for Department of the Army authorization to permanently discharge fill material into wetlands for the expansion of the existing Switchgear Power Systems manufacturing facility. The project would allow the applicant to double their current production capacity. According to the applicant, the project would facilitate the expansion/consolidation of Switchgear Power Systems operations and would allow for the creation of a financially viable project. The proposed project is a standalone development on the majority of an approximately 40-acre property.


    SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Paul District Regulatory Division (Corps) is announcing the release of the beta version of the Wisconsin Stream Quantification Tool (WISQT) and Debit Calculator. We are requesting comments on these tools prior to finalizing them and releasing Version 1.0. We expect to collect comments for 60 days and then publish Version 1.0 in late 2023 or early 2024.


    SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District (Corps) recently began an update of the joint 2013 Guidelines for Wetland Compensatory Mitigation in Wisconsin. We have developed draft outlines for the next version and are seeking public input on the outlines as well as additional information we should consider addressing in the next version. To facilitate meaningful comment, we are also seeking individuals who are currently active in the development or use of compensatory mitigation in Wisconsin who are interested in participating in a listening session. We will host the session July 6, 2023, and determine exact time and location based on interest. We are currently considering making this a virtual session. The session will aim to gather feedback from the mitigation community on crucial mitigation issues that need our clarification, with a specific focus on topics to include in the outlines and information needs or gaps that existed in the 2013 version of the Guidelines. If you are interested in the session, please register in advance by sending your name, organization, contact information, and whether you are primarily a mitigation provider or mitigation purchaser to Leslie Day ( on or before June 23, 2023.