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Tag: Douglas County
  • 2020-01737-WMS (Douglas County, WI) Wasco/Sjoberg Road Project

    Expiration date: 12/9/2020

    PUBLIC NOTICE: APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO discharge fill material below the plane of the ordinary high water mark of Beebe Creek and Catlin Creek, and into approximately 5.4 acres of wetlands. These discharges would facilitate the reconstruction of Sjoberg and Wasko Road to Wisconsin County Roadway Standards to become CTH E.

  • 2020-02230-SJW (Douglas County, WI)Enbridge Superior Terminal Containment Pond Project

    Expiration date: 11/28/2020

    PUBLIC NOTICE: The purpose of the proposed project is to increase the total containment capacity of Pool 2 by 9,000,000 gallons. As stated in the application, Enbridge can add approximately 3,000,000 gallons of capacity in Pool 2 by raising the height of the existing berm. Therefore, an additional dam is necessary downstream of Pool 2 with the capacity of approximately 6,000,000 gallons to achieve the desired total capacity of 9,000,000 gallons.