Public Notices - Minnesota and Wisconsin

Category: Residential/Commercial Activities
  • 2015-02868-JLK (GRIT 920 Commercial Development)

    PUBLIC NOTICE: The applicant has applied for a Department of the Army permit to permanently discharge fill material into 0.77 acre of wetlands associated with the construction of a new 5,400 square foot all-inclusive fitness and wellness facility designed specifically for those with both cognitive and physical disabilities. The proposal also includes an additional 4,860 square foot facility for office space and an additional 12,860 square foot facility for basketball courts. An adaptive outdoor playground, sports area, grass field area, associated parking, a new roadway with bus turnout, and stormwater management facility are also included in the proposal.

  • 2022-01604-ACM (Breckenridge Farm Development)

    Expiration date: 5/4/2024

    The applicant proposes to develop a 60-acre site in the City of Independence, into a mixed used development. The proposed development would include construction of one commercial lot, 116-units of auto condos, 7 single family residential lots,stormwater management facilities, roads, and utilities.