District Programs & Projects

 Civil Works Programs
 Environmental Sustainability Projects

- Asian Carp Barrier System, Upper Mississippi River

- Channel Dredging, Atchafalaya Bluff, Pool 9, (Wis.)

- Endangered Species: Native Mussels

- Endangered Species: St. Croix River mussel conservation & control

- Environmental Assessment: Crow River

- Environmental Infrastructure Assistance Program (Sec. 219), St. Croix Falls (Wis.)

- Feasibility Study: Fargo-Moorhead, Upstream

- Feasibility Study: Marsh Lake Ecosystem Restoration (Minn.)

- Feasibility Study: St. Croix River Headwaters (Wis.)

- Feasibility Study: Sunrise River Watershed (Minn.)

- Habitat Restoration: Capoli Slough

- Habitat Restoration: Drayton Dam

Habitat Restoration: Grand Marais Creek

- Habitat Restoration: Harpers Slough

- Habitat Restoration: Lake Winneshiek (Wis.)

- Habitat Restoration: McGregor Lake (Wis.)

- Habitat Restoration: Mississippi River, Pool 8 Islands (Minn./Wis.)

- Habitat Restoration: Mississippi River, Conway Lake (Iowa)

- Habitat Restoration: North & Sturgeon Lakes (Minn.)

- Habitat Restoration: Ruffy Brook (Minn.)

- Habitat Restoration: Sandy Hill (Minn.)

- Integrated Watershed Study: Minnesota River Basin

- Island 116 Channel Closure & Shoreline Stabilization ((Minn.)

- Lake Wausau Water Quality Study (Wis.)

- Minnesota Flood Control Sites

- Mississippi River: Recreation and Environmental Stewardship

- Mississippi River: Lock & Dam 3 Fish Passage

- Mississippi River: Pierce County Shoreline Reclamation

- North Dakota Flood Control Sites

- Reconaissance Study: Minnesota River Basin

- Reconaissance Study: Red River of the North Basin

- Reconaissance Study: St. Croix Watershed

- Red Lake River Zah Gheen Marsh (Minn.)

- Red River of the North: Basin-wide watershed management planning

- Watershed Study: Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

 Flood Risk Management Projects
 Navigation-related Projects

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