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Posted 9/25/2017

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Updated March 2018


Miter gates are integral to Mississippi River Locks and Dams 2 through 10.  Miter gates are comprised of two leaves that provide a closure at one end of a lock.  Each lock and dam has a set upstream and downstream.  These gates regulate water levels allowing watercraft to pass through stretches of river of various depths.

Locks and Dams 2 through 10 have utilized the same miter gates since construction in the 1930’s.  Over time, distress has been observed and has led to serviceability and safety issues.  The purpose of this project is to restore the gates, increasing longevity and operational readiness, while decreasing repair costs and downtime due to maintenance of failure.


A Value Based Engineering Design Charrette for the entire program was completed in August 2017. 

Design is complete; construction and installation will be completed in fiscal year 2018 at Lock and Dam 2.  Design for Locks and Dams 5A, 8 and 10 began early fiscal year 2018 and are the next recommended locations for construction.  Additional projects will be scheduled in the future when funding is available.


The Upper Mississippi River 9-Foot Channel Navigation Project was authorized as part of the River and Harbor Act approved July 3, 1930.


Miter gate replacement design and construction at the locks and dams are accomplished with 100 percent federal funds.  Total work is estimated at $16.2 million. 

FY 2018:

Design for Locks and Dams 5A, 8 and 10   $1.2 million

Award for Gates at 5A, 8 and 10           $16.2 million