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Author: Patrick Moes
  • September

    Corps of Engineers continues flood risk reduction projects in Fargo, N.D.

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District reached another milestone in its efforts to reduce flood risk to more than 235,000 people in the greater Fargo, North Dakota / Moorhead, Minnesota metro area.
  • April

    A Winter to Remember: Corps of Engineers continues annual winter maintenance fight to preserve aging infrastructure

    The American Society of Civil Engineers 2021 infrastructure report card released in March was less than perfect for the nation’s inland navigation system. According to the report, they gave the Inland waterway infrastructure a D+. The ASCE report said the infrastructure "includes locks and dams as well as navigation channels” but added that shipping delays cost up to $739 per hour for an average tow within the United States.
  • September

    Corps continues march toward diversion completion

    With every swing of a hammer, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, continues its progress toward completing the Fargo – Moorhead Metro Diversion Flood Risk Management Project.
  • July

    Construction reaches new heights on Red River of the North project

    Construction is literally reaching new heights this summer on the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area Flood Risk Management Project.
  • August

    Moving sand isn’t just for kids

    Navigation on the Upper Mississippi River this year has been anything but normal. Historic flooding plagued the region for much of the spring and early summer. The floods brought historic high water and a significant increase in the amount of sediment. The high water has since receded leaving sediment as the sole souvenir of the 2019 flood.
  • April

    Springing into spring cleanup

    Spring cleaning took on a slightly different meaning recently as the St. Paul District environmental section teamed up with a few of its partners to clean up a backwater slough in northeast Iowa.
  • February

    RED talks continue educating employees

    With more than 12 RED talks in the books, the St. Paul District is adjusting its sites on the knowledge sharing program in the coming weeks.
  • October

    St. Paul District cultivates need for knowledge management

    Curing work frustration was the focus of the inaugural RED talk at the St. Paul District office, in St. Paul, Minnesota, Oct. 19.
  • Wilmes returns to lead recreation, natural resources section

    After working in six different districts and four divisions during his 27-year career, the new St. Paul District recreation and natural resources chief has returned to where it all began.
  • December

    Military veterans take aim at deer

    SPRING VALLEY, Wis. – Seven U.S. military veterans took to the woods at the Eau Galle Recreation Area, near Spring Valley, Wis., with hopes of harvesting a trophy deer Dec. 13.
  • May

    Floodplain forests provide habitat, recreation and mitigation

    The St. Paul District environmental stewardship section has been busy lately planting trees near Bay City, Wis. The reforestation project began as a way to mitigate floodplain forest and wetlands that were lost due to the nearly $70 million dollars in renovations to Lock and Dam 3, near Red Wing, Minn.
  • Corps, partners develop plan to protect wetlands

    Northeast Minnesota is known for its views of Lake Superior, outdoor recreation opportunities, the call of the loon and its pristine wetlands.
  • Wetlands provide more than scenic views of nature

    Have you ever wondered what wetlands actually do for society or the environment? Barbara Walther, senior ecologist, said these areas, a place between water and land, provide value to both communities and Mother Nature. She said wetlands support many benefits that range from habitat for plants and animals to water purification. “Wetlands provide a number of functions on the landscape,” she said. “Some of them are important to people directly, and a number of them are important just because of the function they provide.”
  • April

    Corps of Engineers welcomes navigation season after historic delay

    The 2014 Mississippi River navigation season in the St. Paul District has arrived. The Motor Vessel Angela K locked through Lock and Dam 2, near Hastings, Minn., around 5:30 p.m., April pushing 12 barges en route to St. Paul, Minn.
  • February

    Mississippi River ice surveys are a sign of spring

    An airboat, ice auger and a ruler are just a few of the key tools for a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, ice survey team.
  • Volunteers support second Wounded Warrior Hunt at Eau Galle Recreation Area

    District staff volunteered their time Dec. 14, 2013, to support the second Wounded Warrior Hunt at Eau Galle Recreation Area, near Spring Valley, Wis.
  • A routine business trip becomes anything but routine

    A routine business trip to Fargo, N.D., for two project managers was anything but normal when they came across a vehicle in the ditch.
  • January

    Corps fights on against Mother Nature, Mississippi River

    Freezing temperatures, tight timelines and heavy equipment are just another day at the office for the district’s maintenance and repair section based out of the Fountain City, Wis., service base.
  • October

    Corps, partners build Mississippi River islands to protect aquatic habitat

    A series of recently restored islands nestled along the Mississippi River near Lansing, Iowa, were
  • September

    Koprowski takes the helm

    About 350 people gathered at the district’s headquarters in St. Paul, Minn., June 19 to say farewell to the outgoing commander while welcoming the new one into the district’s family.