US Army Corps of Engineers
St. Paul District

Civil Works Public Notices

Proposed National Loon Center draft environmental assessment
The Corps is currently evaluating the application submitted by the National Loon Center Foundation. The facility would be operated year-round and include water quality and wildlife habitat exhibits, a loon and freshwater research center laboratory and classroom and interactive technology to provide hands‐on experiential education.
Date of Expiration: 04/22/2019

Regulatory Public Notices

2018-02671-LSP (Pennington County, MN) Pennington County Highway Department Project
LETTER OF PERMISSION: The purpose of the project is to provide improved access for safe, economical, and practical movement of goods, services, emergency services, and development in the southern part of Thief River Falls through intersection improvements at highway 32 and CSAH 17, a new bridge crossing over the Red Lake River, and a new road corridor along CSAH 8 from the red lake river east to CSAH 17.
Date of Expiration: 04/01/2019
St. Paul District Corps of Engineers Regulatory Branch Guidance - Target Hydrology and Performance Standards for Compensatory Mitigation Sites
SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: This guidance document is an update and expansion of previous guidance on this topic first developed in 2005 (Version 1.0) and updated most recently in 2014 (Version 5.0). Rather than using the minimum criteria for wetland hydrology as a performance standard, performance standards specifying the optimum target hydrology for specific wetland plant communities have been refined for Version 6.0. This guidance is a living document and periodic updates will be made as needed. The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that consistent and enforceable hydrology performance standards, reflecting the best available science, are applied to compensatory mitigation proposals district-wide.
Date of Expiration:
2019-00124-SJW (Jackson County, WI) Bush-Sampson Stream Realignment Project
LETTER OF PERMISSION: The applicant has submitted a request for Department of the Army (DA) authorization to permanently discharge fill material below the plane of the ordinary high water mark (OHWM) along 125 linear feet (0.02 acre) of Woodward Creek to facilitate the backfilling and subsequent relocation of a 125 linear foot section of Woodward Creek in the Town of Irving.
Date of Expiration: 04/02/2019
2018-03370-DAS (Cottonwoood County, MN) Mark Evers Project
LETTER OF PERMISSION: The applicant has proposed to drain and fill a wetland area in an agricultural field owned by the applicant. The wetland has hindered crop production due to the need to work around it. The proposed plan would be to install subsurface tile and add fill to level the ground surface. The purpose is to accommodate efficient crop production.
Date of Expiration: 03/25/2019
2013-00984-RMG (Racine County, WI) Meachem Road Mitigation Bank
PUBLIC NOTICE: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR): Wisconsin Wetland Conservation Trust In-Lieu Fee (ILF) Program - Meachem Road Restoration Site (MRRS).
Date of Expiration: 04/15/2019
2018-00546-MHK (Racine County, WI) Racine Water Utility Construction Project
PUBLIC NOTICE: The applicant proposes to install a 36-inch watermain primarily in a north-south alignment (with a small portion running east-west to connect to an existing watermain) as part of a larger planned network of watermain that would ultimately cross the boundary between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins. The applicant applied for and received approval from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for a water diversion permit to serve current and future development in the Village of Mount Pleasant.
Date of Expiration: 04/12/2019
2019-00111-EMN (Marathon County, WI) Lang Properties LLC - Commercial Development Within the City of Marshfield
LETTER OF PERMISSION: The proposed project consists of constructing a gas station and diesel filling station on the property within the City of Marshfield. The project site is located at the northwest intersection of County Road E and STH 97.
Date of Expiration: 04/08/2019
April Wetland Banker Training Information
PUBLIC NOTICE: April Wetland Banker Training Information
Date of Expiration: 03/25/2019
2014-02126-JTB (Scott County, MN) Commercial Development Project in the City of Savage
PUBLIC NOTICE: Copper Creek is proposing to discharge fill material into 1.13 acre of wetland as part of a proposed project to develop a 12.41 acre site in the City of Savage to a mixed-use recreational and commercial project that will provide a curling club facility, auto service and retail businesses with associated streets, utilities, and storm water treatment areas. The project is proposed as a Commercial Planned Unit Development (PUD) that will include the Lakers Ice House recreational facility complete with a standard curling rink with 6 lanes, a mini hockey/ice skating rink, locker rooms, and a restaurant. An auto service business, plus three office/commercial business will provide supporting services lacking within the City of Savage.
Date of Expiration: 04/05/2019
2018-01662-JTB (Hennepin County, MN) City of Corcoran Project
PUBLIC NOTICE: Pulte Homes is proposing the Bellwether 2nd Addition and Future Phases senior villa residential development within a 111-acre site in the City of Corcoran.
Date of Expiration: 04/04/2019
NEW Paperless Procedure for Submitting Requests to the Corps of Engineers in Minnesota
PUBLIC NOTICE: In an effort to improve efficiency, reduce costs and environmental footprint, and accommodate many stakeholders’ preferred method of correspondence, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Paul District Regulatory Program (Corps), is implementing paperless procedures. As of the date of this notice, requests for action (RFAs) in Minnesota should be submitted by email.
Date of Expiration:
2018-03648-KJH (Dane County, WI) K-North Addition to Westbridge Residential Development Project
PUBLIC NOTICE: Westbridge Farms is proposing to develop a 63 acre parcel north of Kopp Road and west of the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Line in the Village of Waunakee Wisconsin. The applicant is proposing to re-align 3,770 linear feet of existing drainage ditch to the north, fill the remaining 3,638 linear feet of drainage ditches and adjacent wetland for the construction of four stormwater ponds, two landscape ponds, roads, lots, and utility infrastructure for the proposed K-North addition to the Westbridge residential development.
Date of Expiration: 03/25/2019
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Army announced Feb. 14, 2019, the publishing in the Federal Register of the proposed new definition of "Waters of the United States" that clarifies federal authority under the Clean Water Act.
Date of Expiration: 04/15/2019
2018-03521-RQM (Beltrami County, MN) Beltrami County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 39 Project
LETTER OF PERMISSION: To achieve the project purpose of bringing CSAH 39 up to current design and safety standards the Beltrami County Highway Department proposes to reconstruct approximately 2.5 miles of CSAH 39.
Date of Expiration: 12/31/2018
SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE - The purpose of this Special Public Notice is to inform the general public that the Saint Paul District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory branch (St. Paul District) has decided to accept and expend funds contributed from American Transmission Company, LLC (ATC) and the WEC Energy Group (including We Energies, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation, Minnesota Energy Resources Corporation, and the Wisconsin River Power Company), collectively referred to throughout this notice as the Utility Partners. The funds would be used to expedite processing of the Utility Partners Department of the Army (DA) permit applications.
Date of Expiration: