Mississippi River Environmental Pool Plans

The Environmental Pool Plans were prepared by the Fish and Wildlife Work Group at the request of the River Resources Forum (Forum). The planning area includes the Mississippi River from the head of navigation at Minneapolis, Minnesota to Lock and Dam No. 10 at Guttenberg, Iowa. Environmental pool plans are maps and descriptions of what river managers and the public have identified as the habitat and features necessary to reverse negative trends in habitat quality and move towards a more sustainable ecosystem. The plans for Pools 2 through 10 are endorsed by the Forum and have become guidelines for future programs and projects for river management. The Forum and its agency partners see general public understanding and acceptance of the plans to be vital for cooperative river management.

Knowledge about river management tools, such as water level management, island stabilization and creation, backwater dredging, and channel modifications, has increased greatly over the last decade. The environmental pool plans will provide the guidelines for applying these tools and others in coordinated river management efforts.

Managing Agency Contacts:

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service:
Pools 4-6 Mary Stefanski
Pools 7-8, Jim Nissen
Pools 9-11, Clyde Male

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

Iowa Department of Natural Resources:
Mike Griffin
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:
Dan Dieterman
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:
Jeff Janvrin

Environmental Pool Plan

Environmental Pool Plans Report

The public is encouraged to download the document, review, and forward comments on desired future conditions as well as specific projects to achieve those conditions.  


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