Inspection of Completed Works - Overview

Community protected by a flood protection systemThe purpose of the Inspection of Completed Works, or ICW, Program is to ensure that non-federal owners of federally-built critical infrastructure, such as a flood damage reduction project, perform essential maintenance in accordance with the project operation and maintenance manuals. Compliance inspections are performed annually to identify maintenance deficiencies and operational problems and discuss corrective actions. When necessary, the Corps provides technical assistance before, during and after each flood emergency. Through these compliance inspections, the Corps ensures that the project will operate and function as designed.

For more information, see the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levee Safety Program website.


The completed flood risk management projects within the ICW Program are located throughout the St. Paul District (all of Minnesota and portions of North Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin).

These projects include channel improvements and complex flood damage reduction projects made up of earthen levees, concrete floodwalls, interior drainage ditches with ponding areas and pump stations.

These projects protect valuable infrastructure such as roadways and water/wastewater treatment facilities, reduce agricultural flooding through improved river channels and protect entire communities with the goal of preserving lives and reducing property damage.

The St. Paul District ICW Program consists of 52 completed flood risk management projects that are inspected annually (38 are ground inspections, and 14 are aerial inspections). The list below presents the number of projects inspected by state and some of the project features.

Minnesota 30
North Dakota 14
Wisconsin 5
Iowa 3

654 miles of channel improvements
81 miles of earthen levee
4 miles of concrete floodwall
46 pump stations
75 closure structures


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