Fountain City Service Base Sustainment & Modernization

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District
Published March 15, 2021
Updated: April 15, 2024


The Fountain City Service Base (FCSB) Sustainment and Modernization Project is a two-phase project to improve the function and safety throughout the service base. The two objectives of the project are to replace the deteriorated mooring dolphins on the west side of the Fountain City harbor channel and modernize the service base. 


The project is located at the Fountain City Services Base in Pool 5 of the Upper Mississippi River, in Fountain City, Wisconsin.


The project was separated into two phases: Phase 1 Mooring Area and Phase 2 – FCSB Modernization. Phase 1 utilized an Architecture-Engineering (AE) firm for design of a new mooring dolphin system and will include the removal of the 11 existing wooden pilings on the west side of the Fountain City harbor channel. This phase of the project was executed using a Design-Bid-Build contracting method.

The primary objective for Phase 2 is to provide a straight-line mooring solution along the shoreline parallel to the river. Other objectives for this phase include: installation of new stairs from the base to the water, additional crane cells, protect the shoreline from continued erosion, raise the elevation of the southern portion of the service base to the same elevation as the northern portion of the service base, improve shore power capability to support both current vessel electrical requirements and provide necessary infrastructure for future vessels, upgrade lighting along the waterfront, and provide buried potable water source throughout the service base. Phase 2 utilized an AE firm to develop the documents for the Design-Build process.


Phase 1 (mooring dolphin replacement) contract award was made at the end of fiscal year 2021 for $10.2 million. Construction began in March 2022. Phase 2 (Straight-Line Mooring Solution) contract awarded in September 2021 for $18.6 million. The design build contractor began summer of 2022. Construction of Phase 1 and Phase 2 were completed in December 2023. Design for Building 9 will be completed by an AE firm and it is anticipated that the AE firm will be under contract to begin design in fall of 2024.


Congress authorized the Upper Mississippi River 9-Foot Channel Navigation Project as part of the River and Harbor Act, approved July 3, 1930.


The design and construction for both phases will be completed with 100% federal funds.

Estimated Total Cost:

Mooring Dolphin Replacement (complete)  $10,200,000

Straight-Line Mooring Solution (complete) $18,600,000

Building 9 Construction                               $8,400,000