Advance Measures

USACE is authorized to provide direct assistance to communities with an imminent threat of unusual flooding. The threat must be of a nature that if preventive action is not taken immediately, damages will be incurred.  Direct assistance may only be provided to protect life and public facilities/infrastructure.



Type of Assistance Provided by the Corps:


  • Strengthening of Federal and non-Federal flood risk management projects.
  • Construction of temporary levees to protect life and improved property.
  • Channel clearance and dredging of Federal projects to restore original design capacity.
  • Relieving threat of flooding from possible dam failures by dewatering the impoundment, controlled breaching or strengthening of the structure.



Criteria for Advance Measures Assistance:


  • An imminent threat of unusual flooding must exist. The threat must be established by National Weather Service forecasts or by Corps’ determinations of unusual flooding from adverse conditions.
  • Local, County, and State/Tribal emergency declarations must be made, and all available resources must be committed before the Corps can provide assistance.
  • A written request for Corps assistance from the governor or tribal leader is required.
  • The requested measures must be technically feasible, economically justified, and able to be constructed prior to onset of flooding.  The Corps will develop a Project Information Report after receiving a request, which must be approved by U.S Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters Office.
  • A Projection Cooperation Agreement (PCA) is required, and applicants must furnish necessary borrow, lands, rights, and easements.
  • All measures will be temporary and must be removed by locals after the flood.



How to Request Assistance:

Submit your request through the local-county-state emergency management chain.  Tribes have the option of contacting the Corps directly (using the contact information located in the column to the right and on our main page) or coordinating their request with the state.

Emergency Management Contact Information

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