Public Notices & Environmental Assessments

Mississippi River Pool 6 Draft Dredged Material Management Plan
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, is seeking comments on its updated draft dredged material management plan and integrated Environmental Assessment, or EA, for the Mississippi River’s Pool 6.
Date of Expiration: 07/15/2022
McMillan Island dredged material placement plan draft EA
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, is seeking comments on a draft Environmental Assessment, or EA, for the placement of river sand that occurred in 2019 within the Mississippi River in Clayton County, Iowa.
Date of Expiration: 06/27/2022
Mississippi River Upper Pool 4 Islands
The Corps initiated a feasibility study in 2017 to identify steps that could be taken to improve the habitat in Upper Lake Pepin, particularly in Catherine Pass. These measures include islands, water level management structures, overwintering dredging and shoreline protection. The proposed solutions are designed to work together to reduce sediment and increase water clarity within the area. The features include constructing four islands, refuge dredging, a water level management dike and control structure, an access road, two backwater dredged areas, three areas of shoreline protection, a mudflat, access dredging and a partial closure of Catherine cut.
Date of Expiration: 06/11/2022
Lock and Dam 4 End Cell draft EA
The purpose of this project is to construct an end cell just below the existing lower guidewall at Lock and Dam 4, near Alma, Wisconsin. The project would increase the protection from barge impacts and reduce operability issues. The end cell would be 33 feet in diameter and be connected to the existing guidewall via an expansion joint, providing a smooth transition between end cell and wall. The end cell would increase the longevity of the lower guidewall of Lock and Dam 4.
Date of Expiration: 06/09/2022