Geographic Information System

A geographic information system, or GIS, is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many different kinds of data on one map, such as streets, buildings, and vegetation. This enables people to more easily see, analyze and understand patterns and relationships.

The GIS group develops, maintains and implements databases and web applications for the district and division offices. They also provide technical advice to fellow employees and customers for all matters relating to GIS.


  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Inland Electronic Navigation Charts (IENC)

Habitat Rehabilitation & Enhancement Project (HREP)

  • Find an HREP project
  • Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR)
  • Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC)


Levees & Dams

  • National Inventory of Dams (NID)
  • National Levee Database
  • Levee Safety Program
  • St. Paul District Weather, River Gages and Dams

Master Plans

  • Eau Galle
  • Upper Mississippi River
  • Mississippi River Headwaters

Contact GIS

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
St. Paul District - GIS Section
180 5th St. E., Suite 700
St. Paul, MN 55101
Phone: (651) 290-

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