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Environmental and Project Public Notices

Regulatory Public Notices

2015-03825-SJW (Jackson County, WI) Jack Mitchell-WI Proppants RR LLC Project
LETTER OF PERMISSION: WI Proppants has submitted a revised Department of the Army permit application for the discharge of fill material into 1.04 acres (45,302 square feet) of wetlands adjacent to Curran Coulee Creek
Date of Expiration: 08/15/2016
Special Public Notice for Offsite Guidance
SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: The St. Paul District Regulatory Branch and Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) have jointly issued guidance regarding the use of remote sensing technology to make offsite hydrology and wetland determinations.
Date of Expiration:
Special Public Notice - 2016 Emergency Procedures Due to Flooding
SPECIAL PUBLIC NOTICE: Information regarding Department of the Army permits for cleanup and repair of damaged infrastructure, public facilities, and/or private property resulting from the July 2016 State of Emergency due to flooding across Northern Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota.
Date of Expiration: 01/28/2017
2016-00793-BJG (Washington County & Waukesha County, Wisconsin) Rock River Mitigation Bank Project
PUBLIC NOTICE: The sponsor proposes to restore and/or enhance diverse wetland community types such as fresh wet meadow, shrub swamp and wooded swamp by removing drain tiles, filling the agricultural ditch network with adjacent spoil piles and naturalizing Mason Creek and its tributaries.
Date of Expiration: 08/26/2016