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Beneficial use of dredged material

In order to maintain the 9-feet navigation channel, material that settles in the channel area must be removed. Dredging is the method for the removal of that material. This material is placed in designated areas along the river. Some of these areas are beneficial use placement areas.

Beneficial use of dredged material is the productive use of the material by the public or private sectors. Examples of common beneficial uses of dredged material in the St. Paul District are upland habitat development, wetland creation, aquatic habitat enhancement, creation of areas for bird nesting, beach nourishment, winter road maintenance, levee repair and improvement, aggregate for concrete, bank protection and general purpose fill.

As a result of the Great River Environmental Action Team, or GREAT, study completed in 1980, Blackhawk Park was selected as one of the designated dredge material placement sites in Pool 9. Utilization of Blackhawk Park as a placement site reduced transport distance and subsequently the cost of hydraulic and mechanical dredging, while providing an opportunity to rehabilitate and enhance existing recreational facilities.


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Wabasha Gravel Pit
near Wabasha, Minnesota

                    Alma Marina
                    near Alma, Wisconsin

    (closed through 2019) West Newton Chute
      near Kellogg, Minnesota

                   Fountain City 1
                     near Fountain City, Wisconsin

    near Homer, Minnesota

                  near Trempealeau, Wisconsin

    Brownsville Containment
     near Brownsville, Minnesota

                 Lansing Highway Bridge
                 near Lansing, Minnesota

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Buck Creek
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