Disaster & Emergency Response

 Federal Agencies

           • FEMA

           • U.S. Geological Survey

           • National Weather Service

 State Agencies and Contacts

           • IA HSEM Page

           • IA County Contacts

           • MN HSEM Page

           • MN County Contacts

          • Minnesota State Hazard Mitigation Plan 

           • ND NDDES Page

           • ND Contacts

           • WI WEM Page

           • WI County/Tribal Contacts


River & Water Management

           • Red River of the North (NWS)

           • Minn. and Metro Miss.                        Rivers (NWS)

           • Mississippi River (NWS)

           • St Paul District Water Control 

           • Red River Basin Decision              Information Network

Emergency Mgmt News

Community Resources

Forms and educational material:

Emergency Assistance (Fillable PDF form)
Sponsor (Local Governmental Agency) request for assistance during and after a disaster.

Water Pump Loan Agreement (Fillable PDF form)

Community Checklist 
Criteria for State/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Federal Direct Assistance

Community Flood Fight Plan 

St. Paul District Flood-Fight Handbook 

Factsheet: Flood Control Services

Instructional Videos

Flood Fight Workshop Management Materials:

  • Flood Preparedness Workshop PL 84-99
    Activities conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers under the Emergency Flood Control Act (Public Law 84-99). This act provides the authority for the Corps, when requested by a state governor, to support state and local flood fight efforts.
  • Critical Infrastructure 
    Actions to take and things to consider to ensure the communities critical infrastructure is identified and protected from flooding.
  • Interior Drainage 
    Levees prevent water from flowing from rivers into communities. This describes measures and considerations to keep water from ponding behind levees within the community.
  • Emergency Levee Construction 
    Information about emergency levee construction and monitoring.
  • Sandbag Construction 
    Information about the correct use of sandbags for levees including filling, placement and monitoring.
  • Innovative Flood Fight Products
    Some additional resources available for small closures that have to be placed rapidly.

Levee Monitoring:

Levee Monitoring Guidance

Levee Monitoring Log