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Rainy – Namakan River Basin Conditions Notice

Published May 21, 2013

St Paul, Minn. — Significant rainfall across the Rainy River-Namakan River Basin from
May 19 to 21 has led to a rapid rise in lake levels.

Rainy Lake will exceed the International Joint Commission’s Upper Rule Curve May 21, and is expected to continue rising in the near term as tributary flows increase. Operators at the dam, near International Falls, Minn., and Fort Frances, Canada, have opened all five canal gates and several dam gates to allow for maximum outflow.


At the present lake level, opening additional gates will not increase the lake outflow due to constrictions upstream at Ranier Rapids and Pither's Point. A rising the level of Rainy Lake will result in additional outflow. The International Rainy – Lake of the Woods Watershed Board, or IRLWWB, is regularly monitoring conditions in the watershed and will post updates as conditions warrant.


The Board recommends property owners and users of the system continue to keep themselves updated on basin conditions for at least the next few weeks.  Up-to-date information can be found on Boise’s website,; on the Lake of the Woods Control Board website,; IRLWWB website,; and on the Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District website, For further information, please call (800) 661-5922.

Matt DeWolfe
Scott Jutila

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