Eau Galle Recreation Area Master Plan

The Eau Galle Project Master Plan is a strategic land use document that will guide the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, in the years to come. The plan, while conceptual in nature, will serve as the vision for both environmental stewardship and recreation as the Corps continues to serve the public in the 21st Century.

The plan provides guidance and facilitates the management of resources located within the Eau Galle project. To ensure consideration of natural and cultural resources, the St. Paul District is drafting an environmental assessment to identify and evaluate potentially significant impacts as a result of the master plan.

The plan, last updated in 1990, focuses on what could and should happen over the life of the project, but is flexible enough to adapt to unforeseen or changing conditions. The plan also includes all lands (fees, easements or other interests) acquired for the project to support operations and authorized missions. This plan will also guide and articulate the Corps’ responsibilities pursuant to applicable federal laws, policies and regulations.

Developed by a Corps interdisciplinary team, the plan includes coordination with local, state and federal agencies and tribal representatives, along with input from the special interest groups and members of the public.


The primary goals of the plan include:

• Establishing an overall land use management plan;
• Identifying resource objectives; and
• Identifying associated design and management concepts.

By definition, Corps master plans for reservoirs, land and recreational use do not address:

• Technical aspects of water level management;
• Regional water quality;
• Shoreline management; or
• Operation and maintenance of project facilities.


Approved Eau Galle Master Plan

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Previous Master Plan

Click here to view the Eau Galle Recreation Area Master Plan, as updated in 1990.

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