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Public Notices & Environmental Assessments

Sand Hill River habitat project environmental assessment
The Sand Hill Watershed District requested permission from St. Paul District to modify the existing flood control project on the Sand Hill River. Their request is to install 16 rock riffle structures in the channelized portion of the Sand Hill River. These rock structures will reduce channel degradation and bank erosion, while improving habitat. They would be interspersed around existing concrete drop structures and associated fish passage features. The requested modification is being designed to work in combination with the Corps’ fish passage project, scheduled for completion in 2017.
Date of Expiration: 03/17/2016
Puppy Dog Phase 6 EA
The City of Minot, N.D., is proposing Phase 6 of the Puppy Dog Sewer System Improvement Project. The proposed project is designed to extend the existing sanitary sewer system and provide service to an area where many septic systems are failing and in need of replacement.
Date of Expiration: 02/25/2016