Flood Plain Management Services: Minnesota

U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District
Published March 16, 2017
Updated: March 18, 2022

The program educates individuals who live and work in floodplains on flood hazards and the actions they can take to reduce property damage and prevent the loss of life. The program’s objective is to foster public understanding of the options for dealing with flood hazards and to promote prudent use and management of the nation’s floodplains.


Projects in the Flood Plain Management Services (FPMS) program occur throughout Minnesota.


The FPMS program provides the full range of technical services and planning guidance that is needed to support effective floodplain management. The most common types of studies are floodplain delineation, flood hazard evaluation, dam break analysis, hurricane evacuation, flood warning and preparedness, regulatory floodway analysis, comprehensive floodplain management, flood risk reduction, urbanization impacts, storm water management, flood proofing and inventory of flood-prone structures. The program also provides assistance for conducting workshops and seminars on nonstructural floodplain management measures such as flood proofing.


Upper Mississippi River Regional Discharge-Frequency Study:

  • Completed nonstationarity study for the Mississippi River at St. Paul.
  • Initiated five-year flow frequency study for the Mississippi River from Anoka, Minnesota, to Cairo, Illinois, in conjunction with the Rock Island District and the St. Louis District.

Cannon River:

  • Completed snow melt hydrology analysis in February 2022.

Kettle River/Upper St. Croix River:

  • Kettle River and Skunk Creek hydraulic analysis is complete.
  • Elevation-Frequency curve at Taylors Falls/St. Croix Falls is complete (St. Croix River).
  • Solon Springs/Gordon (upper St. Croix River) hydraulic analyses were completed.

Potential projects include Red River of the North gage datum conversion, Willmar storm water management, Upper St. Croix hydrology study, and Mississippi River headwaters reservoirs elevation-frequency analysis.  Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds of $150,000 will be provided for Red River gage datum conversion in fiscal year 2022.


The Flood Plain Management Services program is authorized by Section 206 of the Flood Control Act of 1960 (PL 86‒645), as amended.


Upper Miss River Regional Discharge-Frequency Study:

Estimated Study Cost                            $3,200,000

Funding to Date                                        $200,000

Upper St. Croix River Hydrology:

Estimated Study Cost                               $200,000

Funding to Date                                                    $0

Mississippi Headwaters Elevation-Frequency Analysis:

Estimated Study Cost                               $250,000

Funding to Date                                                    $0

Red River of the North Gage Datum Conversion:

Estimated Study Cost                               $150,000

Funding to Date                                                    $0