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Updated September 2015
Published Feb. 26, 2015

Twin Cities Hydro, LLC, holds Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license number 362, which allows it to operate the Ford Hydropower plant on the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota. The hydropower facility consists of a powerhouse, four 5,800-horsepower Francis turbines and four 4,880-kilowatt generating units, a 2-foot-high inflatable flashboard system atop the concrete dam spillway and a power distribution system. The total capacity of the plant is 17.92 megawatts, or enough to provide power to 14,500 households.

FERC issued License 362 to the Ford Corporation in 1923. The original license expired June 6, 1973. FERC reissued the license for a period of 20 years on July 2, 1980, and extended the license yearly until it was reissued on November 18, 2004. The current license expires on November 1, 2034.

On October 15, 2001, the licensee (at the time, Ford) and the Corps signed a use, occupation and license agreement.

On April 14, 2008, ownership of the hydropower license was transferred from Ford Hydropower to Twin Cities Hydro, LLC, which is owned by Brookfield Renewable Energy. All prior agreements between the Corps and the previous license holder are enforceable with the current license holder.

The hydropower plant is fully operational.

FERC conducts annual safety inspections.

Pertinent correspondence and filings are posted on the FERC e-Library ( under docket number P-362.

Licensing of hydropower facilities by the FERC is governed by Part I of the Federal Power Act, 16 USC 791(a) – 825(r). Coordination between the FERC and the Corps regarding FERC licensing of hydropower at Corps facilities is also governed by a March 30, 2011, memorandum of agreement between the agencies.

A fixed amount, generally $7,000 per year, is funded under the “Investigations” account for FERC-related administrative activities and permit review. Activities such as pre-licensing, coordination during construction and re-licensing are funded under the “Operation and Maintenance" program and these costs are reimbursed by the licensee to the U.S. Treasury through annual charges by FERC.