Blackhawk Park comfort station improvement project

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District
Published May 14, 2024
Expiration date: 6/14/2024

 1. Project Proponent. St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers, 332 Minnesota Street, Suite E1500, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101.

  1. Project Authority.  The proposed actions were authorized under the authority of the Flood Control Act of 1944, as amended.
  2. Project Location.  The proposed actions would be located in Vernon County, Wisconsin.
  3. Summary of the Proposed Project. 

Removal of existing restroom: The existing restroom and holding tanks would be demolished. The holding tanks are directly beneath the existing restroom and the area of demolition would be approximately 24 feet x 53 feet (1,272 square feet). The demolition site would be filled with dredged material and topped with 6 inches of topsoil and seeded with grass. The existing restroom would not be demolished until the new comfort station has been completed. The location of the existing restroom is shown in Figure 1.

Construction of new comfort station: The new comfort station would be a prefabricated four room unisex ADA accessible shower with bathroom on the Upper Loop of Blackhawk Park (Figure 2). The footprint of the building would be approximately 22 feet x 22 feet (484 square feet). The septic holding tank system would be adjacent to the building and be approximately 25 feet x 25 feet (625 square feet). Additional work would include utilities connections, sidewalk, parking area, and final landscaping.

  1. Construction Schedule.  Construction of the proposed actions is tentatively scheduled to be initiated in fall 2024.
  2. Permits/Coordination.  A Draft Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact was prepared and coordinated in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act.    
  3. Summary of Environmental Impacts.  The proposed project would have temporary minor adverse impacts to noise, air, wildlife, and soils. Affected resources would be expected to recover from any adverse effects shortly after conclusion of the project. The project would have no effect on federally listed species and would have no adverse effect to historic properties. Overall, the project would have a long-term beneficial effect to Blackhawk Park from having a comfort station that does not flood during high water events.
  4. Report.  A Draft Environmental Assessment that describes the project and the environmental impacts in detail is available to the public and can be viewed at The report includes project drawings and a Draft Finding of No Significant Impact.
  5. Review and Comment. If you have any comments on the Environmental Assessment, they should be provided before the expiration date of this notice. Persons submitting comments are advised that all comments received will be available for public review, to include the possibility of posting on a public website. Questions on the project or comments on the Environmental Assessment can be directed to LeeAnn Glomski at Please address all formal written correspondence on this project to District Engineer, St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers, ATTN:  Regional Planning and Environment Division North, 332 Minnesota Street, Suite E1500, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101.