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Public Notice: Arcadia, Wis., Flood Risk Management project

Published Jan. 13, 2020
Expiration date: 2/14/2020

See complete public notice and draft report links at the bottom of the page.Arcadia flood risk management project

1. Project Proponent. St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers, 180 Fifth Street East, Suite 700, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101-1678.

2. Project Authority. The proposed actions were authorized by Section 205 of the Flood Control Act of 1948, as amended.

3. Project Location. The proposed actions would be located in the City of Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.

4. Summary of the Proposed Project.
The City of Arcadia is located on the Trempealeau River with Turton and Myers Valley Creeks flowing through the city. The area is subject to flooding from the river, as well as from both creeks. The area of the city located south of the Trempealeau River is affected by flooding, which includes Ashley Furniture Industries corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility. In 2010, the central business district and Main Street flooded resulting in $12 million in

The proposed project forms a complete flood risk management system and is comprised of four reaches as shown in Figure 1. General features within each reach are described below.

Reach 1

  • 1,279 linear foot levee
  • 1.5 acre Texas crossing
  • 1,100 linear feet of stream reroute and bank stabilization
  • 4 residential structure buyouts
  • 25 relief wells

Reach 2

  • 3,423 linear foot levee
  • 1,459 linear foot floodwall
  • 2 road closure structures
  • 1 railroad closure structure
  • 642 linear feet of stream reroute and bank stabilization
  • 2 commercial structure buyouts
  • 69 relief wells

Reach 3

  • 316 linear foot levee
  • 1,823 linear feet of engineered high ground
  • 3,813 linear feet of railroad regrade
  • 2,128 linear feet of sanitary force main relocation

Reach 4

  • 833 linear foot levee
  • 1,775 linear foot levee raise
  • 237 linear feet of water main relocation

5. Construction Schedule. Construction of the proposed actions is scheduled to be carried out beginning in 2022.

6. Permits/Coordination.
General. The proposed action has been coordinated with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Office.
State. The Corps will be requesting Chapter 30 permits for wetland disturbance and stream realignment and 401 water quality certification from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
Federal. A Draft Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact was prepared and is being coordinated in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. Coordination with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service occurred during the planning process. A Section 404(b)(1) evaluation was prepared in accordance with the Clean Water Act of 1977.

7. Summary of Environmental Impacts. The proposed project would have temporary minor adverse impacts to noise, air, transportation and wildlife. These affected resources would be expected to recover from any adverse effects shortly after conclusion of the project. The project will include the fill activities noted in the Table above, and also will include mitigation measures to ensure no net loss of wetland resources. The project may affect the federally listed northern long-eared bat, but will not result in prohibited take. The project would have substantial long-term beneficial impacts to public health and safety to residents and businesses in the City of Arcadia. Flood risk management would minimize the adverse effects of flood events such as community evacuations, potential contamination of drinking water and access to emergency services.