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McGregor Lake Habitat Improvement Project

Posted: 11/30/2018

Expiration date: 12/31/2018

The McGregor Lake Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project is located in Pool 10 of the Upper Mississippi River, adjacent to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and Marquette, Iowa. The project area includes McGregor Lake and the associated island, channel and backwater complex between the main channel and east channel. The entire project area is approximately 1,063 acres in size, and lies within the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

The habitat concerns within the project area center around the general degradation of habitat quality in this region of the river. This degradation is the result of increased minimum water surface elevations which has degraded the floodplain forest community, increased hydraulic connectivity resulting in cold water entering overwintering areas, and sediment deposition in backwater areas.

The vision of the UMRR Program is: A Healthier and More Resilient Upper Mississippi River Ecosystem that Sustains the River's Multiple Uses. The mission of the UMRR program is to work within a partnership among Federal and State agencies and other organizations; to construct high-performing habitat restoration, rehabilitation projects; to produce state-of-the-art knowledge through monitoring, research, and assessment; to engage other organizations to accomplish the UMRR Program's vision. Within this program mission, the purpose of this HREP Project is to rehabilitate, enhance, and maintain diverse riverine and floodplain habitat for fish and wildlife. This specific project purpose is to improve floodplain forest, backwater fisheries, and emergent wetland habitat in Pool 10 of the UMR.

The purpose of this Feasibility Report and Integrated Environmental Assessment (EA), including the Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI), is to evaluate the proposed project within the UMRR program. The Feasibility Report and Integrated EA meets Corps of Engineers planning guidance and NEPA requirements. This report is developed by the Corps with the USFWS serving as the Federal project partner. This report provides planning, engineering, and sufficient construction details of the Recommended Plan to allow final design and construction to proceed subsequent to document approval.

The purpose of the main report is to summarize the multidisciplinary efforts of the Corps, USFWS, WDNR, and the IDNR that led to the study recommendation. The report is organized to follow a general problem-solving format; existing conditions and anticipated future conditions are reviewed; project goals and objectives are identified; restoration alternatives are formulated to address the goals and objectives; costs and benefits of the restoration alternatives are identified and the alternatives are compared on this basis; a single restoration plan is recommended for implementation (the Recommended Plan); and a detailed analysis on the plan is presented. The detailed analysis includes design and construction considerations; operations and maintenance considerations; a detailed cost estimate; a plan for monitoring the performance of the restoration; real estate requirements; environmental effects; and a detailed schedule for implementation. Appendices are provided as supporting documentation.

McGregor Lake Pool 10 UMRR