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Lake Pepin Ice Measurement

2014 Ice Measurements

Lake Pepin opened for navigation

April 14th, 2014

Readings will not be taken

until February 2015

Survey results were updated
Wednesday, April 9th

Lake Pepin ice measurement locationsFinal  April 9, 2014 measurements [PDF]

Composite measurements from 2004-2014 
Updated April 14th, 2014  [PDF]

MAP: Lake Pepin ice survey locations [PDF]

Ice thickness measurements in Lake Pepin are typically scheduled to begin in mid-February and are conducted on a weekly basis. Measurements are reported from each mile on the Upper Mississippi River between mile 765 and 786. These measurements are taken at the points indicated on the map and the ice thickness is valid for that location only.




U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
St. Paul District

Fountain City Service Base
431 North Shore Drive
Fountain City, WI 54629-0397

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