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Posted 2/26/2015

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Updated March 2018


Lock and Dam 1 is located on the Minneapolis side of the Mississippi River.  The purpose of this project is to re-establish armor downstream of the concrete apron.   The existing rock protection consists of grouted derrick stone.  This stone bedding has broken up and washed downstream, exposing bedding material and risking failure of the wooden piles and sheet pile located underneath the existing concrete apron.



A cursory analysis was performed in fiscal year 2013 on the existing condition of the structure.  It was determined placing riprap 200 feet from the concrete apron downstream would be the most efficient and effective solution.  The existing grouted riprap will be removed from the site during construction, and excess material immediately downstream of the concrete apron will be excavated and used to smooth out the downstream topography.

Plans and specifications were completed in fiscal year 2015 with a construction contract awarded in September 2015.  Construction was adjusted two years due to continued high water.  The project is scheduled to be completed in November 2018.


The project was authorized as part of the River and Harbor Act approved July 3, 1930.


Project design and construction costs are 100 percent federal.

FY 2014 funding                                       $100,000
FY 2015 funding                                    $2,500,000
FY 2016 funding                                       $100,000
FY 2017 funding                                       $100,000
FY 2018 funding                                       $100,000

Total project costs estimate                     $2,900,000

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