Ashtabula Lake and Baldhill Dam

Lake Ashtabula is located 12 miles northwest of Valley City, N.D., and is situated in one of the most scenic river valleys in the region, offering visitors a wide range of recreation opportunities. The lake offers activities for every season of the year. Fishing and snowmobiling are available in the winter. The spring and fall bring a beautiful view of the migrating waterfowl. There are plenty of activities available in the summer, such as fishing, boating, camping, swimming and picnicking.

There are three designated swimming areas around the lake. Seven boat launching ramps are maintained to provide boaters and fisherman access to all areas of the lake. Picnic facilities and playgrounds are located at most sites. All sites have access to drinking water and rest rooms.

Anglers get your fishing poles oiled and geared. Lake Ashtabula has an abundant population of walleye, northern pike, white bass, yellow perch and black bullheads. The name "Ashtabula" is a Native American word meaning "Fish River," which suits its fish population.

The Corps of Engineers operates seven recreation areas at Lake Ashtabula, providing a variety of facilities and services, as well as actively manages 14 separate wildlife areas at Lake Ashtabula. These areas provide quality habitat for many species of wildlife. All Corps' wildlife management areas are open to the public for hunting. Contact the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for seasons, restrictions and licenses.

Baldhill Dam, located at Lake Ashtabula, was completed in 1950 primarily as a water supply structure but also provides important flood control benefits along the Sheyenne River.


Lake Ashtabula Master Plan

The St. Paul District is currently drafting a strategic land use document that will guide the district’s operations for Lake Ashtabula, near Valley City, North Dakota; and Homme Reservoir, near Grafton, North Dakota, in the years to come. The master plan, while conceptual in nature, will serve as the vision for both environmental stewardship and recreation as the Corps continues to serve the public in the 21st Century. Click here to learn more about the plan.

Water Control Plan Update

We are currently updating our water control plan that is used to manage Ashtabula Lake and Baldhill Dam, both located 12 miles northwest in Valley City, North Dakota.

Corps staff are updating the current plan to ensure it meets the needs of the communities and minimizes flood threats. The plan was last updated in 2013. Corps engineers operate the reservoirs in accordance with the plan to manage water levels.

Please email with any questions or comments on the water control plan.

Public Scoping Presentation

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Lake Ashtabula & Baldhill Dam
Lake Ashtabula & Baldhill Dam


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Lake Ashtabula Project Office
2630 114th Ave. SE
Valley City, ND 58072-9795

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