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Eau Galle Lake, Spring Valley, Wisconsin

Published Feb. 26, 2015
Updated: Sept. 18, 2019
Eau Galle Lake observation deck

Eau Galle Lake observation deck

Eau Galle Recreation Area features a campground specifically for equestrians.

Eau Galle Recreation Area features a campground specifically for equestrians.

Location/ Project Components

Eau Galle Lake is located on the Eau Galle River immediately upstream of Spring Valley, Wisconsin, approximately 50 miles east of the Twin Cities of Minnesota. The project is composed of a large earthen embankment, an uncontrolled morning glory control structure and outlet works, overnight camping areas, a beach, picnic areas, a boat launch for non-motorized vessels only, hiking and equestrian trails and scenic overlooks.


All flood risk management, recreation and environmental stewardship activities are completed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff located at Eau Galle Lake. Eau Galle Lake is managed by an uncontrolled morning glory intake and low flow discharge gates discharging to the Eau Galle River. The lake provides flood control storage that benefits the village of Spring Valley, located immediately downstream of the embankment. The Eau Galle River is also a fairly high quality stream managed by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a cool-water trout stream.

Since its construction, Eau Galle Dam has prevented $11.4 million in flood damages.


In fiscal year 2018 a contract to sandblast, paint and replace joint material on the steel liner for the conduit and sandblast and paint the morning glory intake structure was awarded. The contractor completed sandblast and paint operations the first week of March 2019. A tarp was frozen into the ice and left behind by the contractor that rose to the morning glory and blocked it during spring thaw. The Corps Maintenance and Repair (M&R) branch cleared the tarp and restored the dam to operation. Contract close out and final negotiations are in progress.



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